About us

Hi everyone,

We are several technicians, each one in your area, with the capacity to work on integral projects. We invite you to know us more thoroughly.

We help our clients navigate the complex world of digital platforms design and development with confidence. Focused on artists, record labels, clubs, festivals, promoters and other agencies.

We’re a small team, formed by experts who love creating beautiful and engaging brands or help others to get their KPI’s on time. We master projects to deliver the high level of service you deserve and expect, always related to the digital world.

We are proud to be different. This means that we have our own record music studio integrated into our office, to produce music for promotional videos, teasers, after movies and any video piece, with the plus to be totally original and get the rights of it. In addition, we offer to master and mixing for artists.

Meet us at electronic music conferences as Amsterdam Dance Event, Winter Music Conference, Lisboa Electronica, Sónar, International Music Summit or BIME Pro, among many others.

We are excited to talk with you!

Some companies


We do not start in a garage. It was on a fourth floor.